A CENTURY-OLD KNOW-HOW Corsetier since 1916

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A CENTURY-OLD KNOW-HOW Corsetier since 1916

Over 100 years of love for women, passion for beautiful lace, expertise and innovation. Since its birth in 1916, Etam has been committed to making women free. Constantly innovating to support women's emancipation, the right to well-being and the liberation of the body. Without ever ceasing to celebrate the powerful spirit of lingerie.

In the heart of our workshops

It is in the heart of our tech center in the north of france, in marcq-en-baroeul, that unique lingerie collections are created, mixing inimitable corset-making know-how and cutting-edge technologies.

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Unique Laces

As an integral part of the brand's DNA, lace is at the heart of the development of the collections and is the object of permanent research.

To celebrate its 100 and 102 years, we have worked on an exceptional lace with one of our historical partners, the NOYON house. The result is a technical leavers lace requiring a unique know-how.

Unique Laces

Did You Know That?

A bra is composed of thirty elements to assemble. More than 44 operations are carried out by hand by our seamstresses, an exercise that requires 4 hours of prototyping before revealing the finished product. Discover the different stages of bra making.

Did you know that